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Denver Lock & Locksmith Tech has provided professional locksmith services to the residents and business owners of Denver, CO for the past several years. Whether you’re locked out of your car or home, need a new security solution for your business, or have urgent safety concerns, you can contact our 24-hour locksmith company for immediate help. Unlike other locksmith companies that claim to offer 24-hour service but close on holidays and part of the weekend, we really mean it when we say that we’re always available.

At Denver Lock & Locksmith Tech, we understand that an excellent reputation is a hard thing to earn and an even harder thing to keep. We are proud to hear members of the community consistently describe our technicians as knowledgeable, hard-working, trustworthy, dependable, and highly professional. Our customers also appreciate that our technicians use the most advanced equipment available. Whether you need help with a simple lock-out or implementation of a complex business security system, we are confident of doing the job right.

Our superior service to you starts with hiring the most highly skilled and educated technicians in the field of locksmithing. When our reputation is on the line, only those who can submit proof of advanced training and several years of experience will do. Our insistence on quality and integrity don’t end after we extend an employment offer. All of our technicians must successfully complete ongoing education requirements to ensure they can provide you with the most highly skilled service possible. Our technicians travel to workshops put on by the Associated Locksmiths of America every year to help meet this requirement.

The driving force of our 24-hour locksmith operation is providing service to our clients that exceeds their expectations. If you’re not satisfied at any point, just let us know and we will make it right. Our commitment to outstanding service starts by sending the technician who is most qualified to address your unique situation.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Slamming your car door shut only to see the keys still in the ignition is a common, yet frustrating, experience. Pulling up in your driveway and noticing that the lock to your front door has been tampered with is even more of a worrisome situation. At Denver Lock & Locksmith Tech, we understand that these issues can’t wait until regular business hours. That is why we’re committed to arriving quickly no matter what time you call.

Our company employs a mobile response team that carries the tools needed to change a lock immediately. We know that you just can’t put a price on your own safety or that of your family or employees. Even when the job takes us just minutes to complete, our work provides you with the security you need to be a productive member of the Denver, CO community.

Security Professionals

Our company belongs to the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), which is an organization that keeps its members accountable for meeting the highest performance standards in the industry. Being part of MLA helps our service technicians assess a security situation and provide expert advice on specific improvements. We encourage you to check your homeowners or business insurance policy to see if acting on these suggestions qualifies you for a policy discount.

Each of the security specialists employed by Denver Lock & Locksmith Tech has received certification to perform a variety of locksmithing duties in Denver, CO. Additionally, they are professionally bound to conduct themselves according to the MLA Code of Ethics. The combination of industry certification and behavioral standards ensures that you receive the level of professional service you expect and deserve. We encourage you to speak to a company representative if you’re in the market for a new security locking system. You can be assured that any recommendation we make is backed by the MLA.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Before working as a locksmith, everyone must complete an accredited post-secondary training program and then work for a time as a locksmith apprentice. This qualifies the individual to complete such standard services as lock repair and replacement. We are happy to say that several of our service technicians also have full engineering certification. Those with this level of education are involved with master key systems and other more complex tasks.

Some of our technicians have taken it a step further and obtained advanced education that allows them to work as security consultants. Area homeowners and business professionals depend on them to evaluate their current security and implement improvements. Further, these experts are qualified to service all hardware associated with doors.

Locksmithing in the modern era is more complex and advanced than at any time in history. This is why we require our technicians to have intimate knowledge of numerous key control systems and methods of completing locksmithing tasks. We consider it our obligation to you to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. Representatives at Denver Lock & Locksmith Tech are available now to provide a security evaluation or upgrade.